I'd like to thank you all again for the support and the wonders you did for me this  year. And even though after my Wicked-adventure I will take a little break, I hope  when I come back I will find you all ready to support me again!!!  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! I couldn't have done it without  you! All my love :-)   Andrea To all of you goes my "Thank You" especially for the last few months!  My experience here in TdV has been one of the most beautiful of my life, and I will  always remember it!!  Thank you for all the flowers, the cards, and the endless amount of pictures!!  I promise that slowly I will send an answer to all your letters!!  Thank you for the applause and the support you gave me no matter what, on and  off stage!!!  I hope to see you all again, sooner or later!!!    Keep Smiling!!!                                    Lots of love....                                                           your Andrea.........  Hello everybody!  Thank you for visiting my website! For me this has been the year with the best  time on stage. And it wouldn't have been the same without your support! Keep smiling - Love  Andrea The biggest thanks deserves Naomi, for giving us the permission to use the domain, as well as the whole content of her former website. In particular the detailed  Cats-interview, but also the numerous photos. Moreover she's always been helpful  in any technical and creative subjects.  Of course I also thank Andrea for the challenge, including the possibility to try out  and extend certain limits. And I'm not only speaking of patience…  Sincere thanks for all the photos, especially the amazing shooting-pics. Thanks for  your confidence, the perfect team work and every single amusing "working-date". Many thanks to everybody whose pictures we are allowed to use. Mentioning  Thomas Haefele for the selection of the varied photosession 2007, Naomi, Lasinga  and Maren. The "nameless" stagedoor pictures have been taken from Naomis  website. Unfortunately it's been impossible to contact everybody who once gave  her the permission to publish these photos. Just in case somebody does not agree  that we use one or more pictures, please send a short message and we certainly  take them off.