With which person would you like to change the place for one day? My mother, I would like to know how she does everything that she does in one day and still manage to smile. :-)   What do other people like most of you? I'm not sure actually. I guess I'm a happy person, most of the time, easy to please… Which was the first musical you've seen on stage?  Funny... it was "Cats", they were doing an European tour and they came to Milano, I was 15 years old! Good times! And which was the last show? I think it was "Priscilla Queen of the Desert", playing now in Milano.   Musical-fans mostly watch a show more than once, which is the show you've seen the most often? I guess it's "Starlight Express" or "Tanz der Vampire". What are you missing the most when you're not in Italy? My family. Which city in Germany do you like most? Probably Berlin, but I do love Hamburg too, has a special place in my heart.   In which German city do you feel mostly like "at home"? Berlin.   Which engagement - speaking of "the whole thing" like production, theatre, city to live in etc. - was the most special for you? "Tarzan" in Hamburg.    Is it difficult for you/does it take long to settle down in a new production/ theatre/city? It takes a while, it depends on the show and the cast as well, the people who surround you every day. Which theatre you've played in so far has the nicest/best/most impressing atmosphere? This is a difficult one… First year in "Cats" in the Operettenhaus [Hamburg] was without a doubt very magical! But if you are happy in a show, surrounded by people you admire, you create your own atmosphere! Which of the roles you played so far would you like to play again? And which (definitely) not? Definitely Terk! I loved it so much! And never again definitely Mr. Mistoffelees, I'm too old!   Having a free choice which travel destination would you like to visit? NEW YORK without a doubt, maybe Las Vegas for a week. ;-) What do you prefer: theatre or cinema? THEATRE! But I like cinema as well. What - or who - makes you laugh? Lots of things and lots of people. A couple of friends in particular! What do you appreciate the most at other people? Kindness, sincerity and positivity. Are you optimistic or pessimistic? Mostly optimistic. Which is the best place you've ever been? Probably Canada or Hawaii. Even though Disneyworld Florida was pretty f... GREAT! Which famous person - alive or dead - would you like to meet? Julie Andrews and Cher! And of course Laura Pausini! Do you collect anything? Yes, show-cups. Funny! For which product could you imagine to make a commercial spot? No idea! Did you like going to school? Dance school - yes. Normal school - not really! When did you decide for a profession on stage? Technically when I was 15 years old and I decided to go to the academy of performing arts. But I always wanted to be on a stage! What do you like the most in your job? Gives you great emotions! And for a couple of hours you're in another world! And what don't you like? Sometimes it's hard to leave your personal feelings out. To be on stage is like to be naked - it's not always a pleasure! Which was your most embarrassing moment on stage? Falling on my bottom in "Cats", and I'm sure many others! If you could have any job, what would it be? There is so much I still want to do!