On Fr. Oct. 1st 2010 Andrea will play his first show as Terk!  After an intensive rehersal-time Andrea will now be on stage in the Disney-Musical  "Tarzan" in Hamburg's theatre Neue Flora.                  As cross-swing he will play on 9 different ensembletracks as well as cover the role  of the monkey Terk. Andrea's first ensemble-show will be on Wed. Sept. 1st 2010. His premiere as Terk  is provided for the beginning of October. Andrea is back in Stuttgart again. For one further week (until June 15th) he will  support the ensemble of "Dance of the Vampires". Andrea's last show with "Dance of the Vampires" in Stuttgart is intended for May  2nd 2010.  Andrea returned to the Palladium Theater in Stuttgart!  For two months he will be on stage in the production of "Dance of the Vampires"  ("Tanz der Vampire") as firstcast Nightmare-Solo 2 with cover Nightmare-Solo 1.  He had his premiere with the vampires already on both tracks in the weekend’s  doubleshows on March 06th and 07th 2010.  Since Nov. 18th 2008, Andrea is on stage with the ensemble of "Wicked".  At the end of October, Andrea will start with the rehearsals for "Wicked" in Stutt-  gart. In a few weeks he will be on stage in the Palladium Theater as a member of  the ensemble as well as cover for the part of Moq.   Previous to the premiere of "West Side Story", Andrea was so nice to answer a few  questions about his current engagement at the Thuner Seespiele. On June 3rd 2008 Andrea starts with the rehearsals for "West Side Story" in Thun/  Switzerland. In the open-air-production from July 15th - Aug. 31st 2008 he will  dance in the ensemble as a member of the "Sharks".  "The last dance" on March 30th 2008 was also for Andrea the end of an amazing  and exciting time with the vampires at the Theater des Westens in Berlin. After 56 shows as Alfred, 70 nightmare-soli and numerous ensemble-shows Andrea  wants to say thank you to all the fans and visitors for the support in the past 10  months!   Andrea will play his first show as Alfred on Saturday, 16th of June 2007 at 2:30 pm.  On May 2nd 2007 Andrea started rehearsing for "Dance of the Vampires" ("Tanz der  Vampire") in Berlin. From June he'll be part of the ensemble as a swing as well as  understudy for one of the leading roles, Alfred.  In cooperation with Andrea and with the kind assistance of Naomi, this website has been updated. Due to the intensive rehearsals for Andrea's new engagement at "Dance of the  Vampires", it will take some more time to complete the "We Will Rock You"-area.  The photos and a new interview will be added as soon as possible.