In a long and busy preparation-time, Andrea organized a benefit-gala to support  the Italian association "Vivi Down". The musical-event will take place on Sept. 24th  2012 in Milan/Italy in the Teatro Nuovo.  Everything from the selection of the artists as well as the location until the  creation of the whole program, including lyrics-translation, musical arrangements.  choreography and lightdesign, has been directed by Andrea. This of course  wouldn't have been possible without dedicated helping hands. With Roberta Valentini and Filippo Strocchi two also in Germany popular  colleagues from Andrea's "Wicked"-time in Stuttgart will be part of the ensemble.  So are as well several Italian talents.  Guests, artists, all participants and supporters, but especially Andrea will  experience an awesome musical-event. In the summer Andrea will be on stage at the Open Air Festival in Stockerau/  Austria. In the production of the Broadway-Musical "A Chorus Line" he will play the  character of "Mike". After the premiere on July 09th and two more shows on July 10th and 11th, the  shows take place every Tuesday - Saturday from July 17th until August 18th 2012.   The website has a new design! Some photos have been added to the Tarzan-Gallery, and Andrea answered a  couple of new questions under "Personal". Andrea will leave "Tarzan" with the castchange on Sept. 25th. Since Feb. 15th until April 14th, Andrea is on stage in Italy with the show  "Sindrome da Musical". The tour-production of Lena Biolcati promises "a crazy  and amusing journey through the most successful musicals".