Andrea was born in Milan/Italy in 1979. After gymnastic lessons as a child, he  decided for the attendance of a ballet-school at the age of 10. In 1994 he changed  to the Italian School of Dance (SID), where he was educated in singing and acting  as well as in dancing. He graduated in 1998 with diploma as "Tersicoreo Lirico" and  Dancing Master. With 17 years, Andrea finished second in the 7th Int. Dance Competition Cittá di  Rieti. Also already during his education, he danced at the Gran Gala dell' Operetta  in 1995, '96 and '97. In 1995 and 1996 he played the role of Simba in "Lion King"  and Bastian in "The Neverending Story" at the Teatro Fraschini in Pavia. In the  Italian TV-Specials "Strettamente Personale" and "Planet" Andrea participated as a  dancer. Since 1997 he taught ballet and jazz at a dancing school in Milan, funky  dance in a holiday village and arranged workshops in ballet, jazz and tap-dance for  various schools. Andrea gained his first professional stage-experiences in summer 1998, when he  joined the Italian tour-production "7 Brides for 7 Brothers" ("7 Spose per 7 Fratelli")  of the Compagnia della Rancia. Besides his ensemble-role Jeb he was cover for the  youngest brother Gedeone. In spring 1999 he started his engagement in "Cats"/Germany in Hamburg, where he  played firstcast Pouncival as well as understudy Mr. Mistoffelees and Mungojerrie  until April 2000. In Oct. 2000 he returned to "Cats", now in Stuttgart he was swing  for the roles Pouncival, Mr. Mistoffelees, Skimbleshanks, Mungojerrie and  Coricopat. In Oct. 2001 Andrea left "Cats" to concentrate for the ballet in  particular.  At the end of 2001 he moved to Hawaii, where he played the role of Adam in the  world-premier of "The Garden behind the Moon" in the Iao Theatre in Maui. After  his last show on Dec. 30th, Andrea returned to Milan for a few months before he  joined the ballet-company of the theatre Hagen/Germany in summer 2002. During  this 3 years engagement, he took part in different productions like "Romeo and  Juliet", "The Nutcracker", "Kiss Me, Kate", Tango" and "Faust". In March 2005 Andrea joined "Cats" again as firstcast Pouncival, was regularly on  stage as understudy Mr. Mistoffelees, and covered Skimbleshanks in addition. The  German tourproduction let him from Düsseldorf to Munich, Bremen, Dresden,  Hannover and Basel/Switzerland, where he left the cast on Feb. 26th 2006.  Just a few days later, Andrea began with the rehearsals for the Queen-Musical "We  Will Rock You" in Cologne/Germany, to play the ensemble-part of Mick Jagger  starting in April 2006. After the last show on the 1st of April 2007, he spent a few  weeks in Milan, where he arranged workshops for "Cats" and "We Will Rock You". In May 2007 started Andrea's engagement for "Dance of the Vampires" ("Tanz der  Vampire") in Berlin/Germany. After intensive rehearsals he had his premiere as  understudy for one of the leading roles, Alfred, on June 16th 2007. As a swing in  the singing-ensemble he was on stage on both Nightmare-Solo-positions as well. In  addition he covered the dancing-part of the White Vampire. With the end of the  production on March 30th 2008 Andrea left the vampires.  At the beginning of June 2008 he left for Thun/Switzerland to join the open-air-  production of "West Side Story". From July 15th - Aug. 31st 2008 Andrea danced in  the ensemble as a member of the "Sharks".  At the end of October 2008 Andrea became a member of the german "Wicked"-  cast. In Stuttgart's Palladium Theater he was on stage in the singing-ensemble as  well as covering the part of Moq. With the end of the production in Stuttgart he  left "Wicked" on Jan. 29th 2010.  Already in the beginning of March 2010 Andrea returned to Stuttgart and the  Palladium Theater, where he joined the cast of "Dance of the Vampires" for 2  months. During this time he was part of the singing-ensemble with firstcast  Nightmare-Solo 2 and cover for Nightmare-Solo 1. His last show was on May 2nd  2010.  In July 2010 Andrea started with the rehearsals for the Disney-Musical "Tarzan" in  Hamburg. Since the beginning of September 2010 he's been on stage in the jungle  of the theatre Neue Flora. As cross-swing Andrea played on all 9 male ensemble-  positions (dancing- and singing-tracks) and covered the ape-character of Tarzan's  best friend Terk. With the castchange on Sept. 25th 2011 Andrea left the  production "Tarzan" and Hamburg. In the summer 2012 Andrea will be on stage at the Open Air Festival in Stockerau/  Austria. In the production of the Broadway-Musical "A Chorus Line" he will play the  character of Mike. Premiere is on July 09th 2012, the festival and this engagement  will end on Aug. 18th 2012.  April / May 2012